Staring Down Storms

I hope everyone had a restful/respectful 3 day weekend. I split my time from Friday to Monday between music (on Friday, I played in Austin with Rodney Hayden, and on Sunday, I played in Houston at the outdoor amphitheater at Sienna with Sheila Marshall) and friends (a wedding and a cookout). It was a nice mix of work and play. I managed to dodge thunderstorms wherever I went, even though they were all around me, so that added an extra sense of accomplishment to what was already an accomplished weekend… I hope the rivers that trek through our fair town, however, managed to collect some water.

This week, I’ll be playing two shows in the Houston area– Wednesday night at 9 PM at the Continental Club (on Main Street, downtown) and Thursday night at 7 PM at Main Street Crossing in Tomball. The latter will be yet another installment of the New American Voices Tour. I’m looking forward to both of them.

On Friday night, we’ll load up the land yacht and head for Jackson, Mississippi, by way of Dallas, where we’ll be playing with the always killer Josh Grider Trio. If you’re in that area of the world, and you’d like to catch the show, shoot me an email ( info at ) and I’ll give you the scoop.

In record news, I should be picking up the final mixes any day now, and I’m excited to sit down and give them a listen. I’ll report back as to what I discover once I get to wrap my ears around the whole thing.

If you make it out to any of the shows this week, say hello!


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