Building a Record

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

For a lot of artists, the fun in regards to creating an album ends when they finally hear the finished product.

That fun picks up again when the release date rolls around, and an artist finally gets to share his blood, sweat, and recorded tears with the rest of the world.

In my case, however, the fun has only started.

We’re in the process of getting our ducks in a row– lining up talented people with all sorts of different musical backgrounds to begin doing what they do best: making sure the music can be heard by everyone with an open ear. This includes people who line up press interviews, artists to create album artwork, radio professionals who get singles out to stations, and a whole host of other things. They’re all good at what they do, and I’ve been having a good time getting the ball rolling. We’re still quite a distance away from release day, but I can see it out there on the horizon. I have to squint a little, and block the sun a bit (no easy task in south Texas), but nonetheless, I’m just starting to be able to make it out.

This is a big deal for me. In my opinion, An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel will be a huge step. It’s chock full of songs that I’m proud of, and it sounds like a dream. It’s hard to reign in my enthusiasm– I almost wish it were coming out tomorrow– PR be damned– just so all of you can hear it– but I know that what we have to do takes time. We’re going to make sure we do it right.

Still, I wake up every morning feeling like a kid about ready to go open his presents on Christmas Day.

I also go to sleep as if it were Christmas Eve, so if you were anything like I was as a kid, you know that going to sleep is the hard part.

In other news, Rodney Hayden and I had a great string of shows last week. We did a lot of driving (DFW to San Antonio to DFW), but it was worth it. Thanks to everyone that came out to Overtime, Billy D’s, and The All Good Cafe. It really is a blessing to get to share music, night after night, with an artist as talented as Rodney. I hope you all have been enjoying it as much as I have.

We’ve got a slow week on our hands, but that’s ok. The aforementioned record stuff is taking up a lot of time, and I’m happy that I get to focus on the task that lies ahead.

On a side note, I’ve been taking a bunch of pictures on the road– none of which really have anything to do with music– just shots from the ol’ iphone of things that look interesting to me. Check them out if you’re bored.


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