introducing, An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009


There it is, ladies and gentleman!

An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel.

I know, I know, it’s a strange title… but strangely, I think it fits.

So, for your approval, I submit the record in its entirety. Click on that funny looking blue strip at the bottom of the page, sit back, and enjoy. If the spirit should move you, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. I’d love to hear what you think about it. Any ideas for a single? Let us know. We haven’t made up our mind yet, and we’d love to have you help us decide. Hate it? Let us know that, too (though I hope with all of my being that you don’t!).

Soon (very soon!) you’ll be able to download the record from this very website… and then itunes (and it’s other less memorably named competitors)… and then you’ll be able to come and buy the album at a show. In the next several months, we’ll release a single to radio and the physical cd will be available for purchase in our online store.

I realize that this is a bit unorthodox… but that’s why I like it.

So sit down, make yourself comfortable, give the album a good spin. Help us decide what the single should be. Leave me a comment with your thoughts. I’m all ears!

If you like it, buy it! Come see a show!

If you don’t like it, then at least you got to hear the whole thing before you decided if you wanted to spend your hard earned money on my hard earned business.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the recorded version of the musical journey my life has been on over the past two years!



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  1. J.D. Thayer says:

    I like it. So far I have listened to Room # 27 three times. This would be my early favorite but I have just cleared the gates. I had the pleasure of hearing a lot of them live a few months ago, and it stood out then as a well written song. I have full intention of listening to the whole thing eventually. I made it six or seven songs in and had to go back to the beginning. Great job, you have my full attention.

  2. Byron Boyd says:

    VERY, VERY COOL. Great job Drew. I would love to see you lead with “Room #27″. Great singalong – Dirt Band-ish but very modern. Follow with “Rollin Around” – just a thought. Videos on these 2 would be great. You guys have fun. Tell Jake and Steve hello.

  3. Aimee Sulton says:

    Wow, totally different as a recording as opposed to seeing live. Aimee really enjoyed. Great job man.

  4. Trey Gregory says:

    Yes! Finally! Hearing this CD puts me back to this summer traveling with you man…over 100 degrees… asleep! I don’t know how you do it man. Keep motivated and keep going! Congrats!

  5. J.D. Thayer says:

    I vote 1, 2, 6, 8, and 10. If you keep this feed up longer I will try to narrow my vote down when I have enjoyed a few less beneficial carbs. You have definitely got a winner here.

  6. Jamie Gregory says:

    My vote for a single is either St. Abilene or Buzzing Like a Wire!! So glad you posted the album…we’ve been listening non-stop! :)

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Such a good writer…awesome job, Drew!

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    [...] Drew Kennedy, one-half of The 9513 sponsored New American Voices tour, debuted his newest album last night. The full record, titled An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel, can currently be streamed on his [...]
  9. I personally like the Abum Art, good job. Your site has been becoming more and more of a daily stop for me. Wandering what you are going to write and think of next. Thanks for hangin out at the Ducks Unlimited Banquet, enjoyed it. Cannot wait to see you and Rodney at another show. Keep up the god work and i guess i will see you tomorrow? (I’m Ron Burgandy?)

  10. Chris Dawlearn says:

    Great stuff Drew. My only complaint? Need more tracks! haha

    I’m with Byron on the singles…#27 and Rollin around. If you need a pre-release single I’m voting for Buzzing or Caroline right now. Hard to go wrong and keep hitting the pavement so we can all benefit from more live music and new songs.

  11. LOVED Room 27 when I heard it live and again on the stream…

    Love & Rain is absolutely stunning. Could listen to that one all day… :)

  12. Kelly says:

    Great CD Drew!!! Still waiting for “CRAZY” loved that song those late nights at Blaines!! But really excited about the new cd!!

  13. CassidyRaye says:

    Dear Drew,

    You and your new C.D. are fabulous. I would probably choose Room #27 as the single because 1) It shows your clever writing skills and 2) It makes me happy, and thus will probably make other people happy as well. I love it all, especially Songbird, and cannot wait until the release.

  14. Craig Stafford says:

    I think your first single should be rollin’ around in the bed. after those schotzi’s and hornback’s shows in college station those two songs were the ones stuck in my head. #27 is awesome and caroline sounds great on the album. I’m so glad you decided to remake cincinnati. i cant decide which version i like better.

  15. Craig Stafford says:

    that should have read rollin around in the bed or buzzing like a wire. my bad.

  16. Dennis McGough says:

    Glad to see that the new album (CD for all you youngsters) is here.

    I agree with the other comments that #27 is a great song but my choice for a single is Caroline. I just like the vibe better and your voice is like another instrument on the track, blending perfectly with the rest of the instrumentation.

    I have a group of friends that were all brought together in our adult life by a love for music. Every year we get together at a Super Bowl party and everyone brings lists or compilation CD’s of their favorite songs and discs for the previous year which we give to one another. A couple of years ago Good Things was on my disc and I have a feeling that you might appear on my disc again this year.

    I hope you have great success with the new CD. Living in Syracuse, NY I have never had a chance to see you live so until I do get that chance I’ll just say thanks for all the listening pleasure.

  17. Public: Drew Kennedy is the modern day renaissance man; he is proficient in the arts, relationships and psychology. This has never been more apparent than when listening to An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel.

    I for one was curious as to how he would top Dollar Theatre, but I am glad to say I was should never have doubted his ability to top it.

    DK is the best in every sense of the word. Unmatched songwriting, unique vocals and a knack to make the obtuse fall into the straight and narrow. Quirky, yet refined, Drew Kennedy is a master of his craft.

    Sharon Springs is tops for me and has been for some time, I’m thrilled to be able to hear it at anytime, no longer waiting for his next local show. That being said, both Caroline and Rolling Around In The Bed should be released first.

    As if you dont already, stand tall. This work is prodigious in every sense of the word. You and Powell together make a formidable team. Watching you two collaborate, then to hear it in its final form is nothing short of a blessing. Talent all around.

    As someone who does not have many, I am proud to call you my friend. Congrats!

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