Super Exclusive World Universal Sneak Peek Premier!!

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Yep, that’s right.
You heard it here first.
You’ll see it here first.
You’ll be the first to view it first.

(And other exclusive sounding things)

The video for Room #27 is complete. It’s really good, and I’m sure I’ll be fielding all sorts of requests from agents in Hollywood to appear in major motion pictures because of it. And just think, you’ll be able to say you knew me when!!

OK, so I’ll probably turn all of those offers down and stay true to my folk singing roots… so you’ll still be able to know me.


That’s when the video will go live, on this very site.

-Just an hour later, it’ll be beamed up to the International Space Station for it’s intergalactic debut.

-An hour after that, it’ll be played on the big screen at Times Square.

-That evening, Ryan Howard will use it as his at bat music, and it’ll be played on the jumbotron Citizen’s Bank Ballpark.

No, you know what? That’s overkill. Maybe we’ll just keep it right here, on this site. We don’t want to get too big for our britches. We do have grand hopes for our little masterpiece and we’ll keep you up to date on those as they happen. For now, you’ll be able to dial up this site and see it whenever you want.

I hope you’ll share it with your friends via The Youtube, The Facebook, and The Twitter– we made it for just that reason– to be another thing you can ship off to your friends and say HEY! THIS GUY IS OK! CHECK IT OUT! AND HE’S NICE SOMETIMES! YOU CAN ASK HIM QUESTIONS ON THE TWITTER AND HE’LL RESPOND! I SAW HIM AT THE GROCERY STORE ONCE HELPING AN OLD LADY GET SPECIAL K OFF OF THE TOP SHELF! or, you know, however you want to say it.

The point is, I hope you’ll like it, and I hope you’ll share it with everyone you know. I hope a few more people discover An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel because of it. I hope they come to a show. I hope you get to say “sweet! I did that!!”

So stay tuned, fellow humans! The Super Exclusive World Universal Sneak Peek Premier of Room #27 is but 6 days away!

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