A House Concert. For You. On Ebay. wait, what?

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Josh Grider and I had an idea a few weeks ago.

We both love– LOVE– playing house concerts. It’s for completely selfish reasons, of course. We play music because we both have this extreme desire to connect with people. This idea of connection– that words strung together hand in hand with melody can be pulled from the depths of our souls, seemingly out of thin air, and can in turn strike someone in a deeply personal and meaningful way– well, friends, there is no higher a compliment… no higher evolutionary level of music then that. We get to do it every night, on stages all across the country.

It’s awesome when you can use your music to connect to a huge room full of people. You step up to the mic, you connect, you feel the energy in musical form leaving your body, and then you feel it being returned to you in an entirely different form from the audience before you. It’s truly indescribable.

Believe it or not, that feeling can be trumped. It’s been trumped on numerous occasions in front of a dozen people, rather than a few hundred. THAT is the idea behind house concerts. That you can bottle up all of the energy– all of the passion and excitement of a huge room– and feel it in one tiny corner of a room in front of a crowd that is a fraction of that which we might see on a regular night out on the road somewhere.

And that’s just it– the word “crowd” ceases to exist during a house concert. It’s more like a family. More like a personal experience. More like what music was always intended to be before it decided to go and get all business-like on us: it becomes the sharing of feelings between a hand full of people. It’s a give and take on both ends, and we love it.

We both realize that the idea of hosting a house concert is a pretty intimidating one. Inviting two relative strangers to your house, and having them play songs for you and your friends? How the heck does something like that even happen?

Well, we’re going to make it easy on you. We’ve decided to take our music to a new, nerdy internet level. We’re going to put up a house concert on Ebay.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Starting today, and ending on November 8th, you will have the chance to bid on a house concert– Josh and I will show up at the winners place of choosing (a living room, a patio, a beach, a mountain top, a campfire– it’s all fair game) on December 4th, 2010 and share with you and your family and friends the stories behind our songs, some tails from the road, some jokes, some jocularity, and of course, some music. You can charge a cover, you can give it as a gift, you can have dinner, you can have drinks, you can make the event happen any way that you choose. The point of all of this is that you can share the feeling with us that we get every night when we play our music for people. You can be a part of the experience.

It’s our hope that by doing something like this more people will want a house concert of their own. Honestly, we love playing them, and we know without a doubt that you’ll love taking part in one. So give it a shot. Throw up a bid and see where this journey can take you. If you win, I know where the journey’s going to take us:

to you.

You can bid right here.

See you down the road– specifically YOUR road on December 4th!

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