New Years Eve!

Monday, December 6th, 2010


December is always a month that has a certain sense of finality to it. It makes sense, of course, as the year is always depicted as a grizzled old man… and we all know that we get a bit of a fresh start once January rolls around. A new year is a new chance to make whatever you want out of it. Relax more, work harder– resolutions abound. 2011 will hold a lot of new things for me personally, starting with the recording of my 5th album. Fresh Water In The Salton Sea will come to life during the second week of January, and I hope to release it once the spring rolls around. I’m really excited about it (as you probably have guessed… I tend to get excited about a lot of things) and I can’t wait to share this new batch of songs with you.

But before we get to 2011, we have some business to wrap up. I have a full list of shows before it’s through, and there’s one in particular that I’m very excited about (see? I told you.): New Years Eve at the Grenada Theater in Alpine, Texas.

Two fantastic singer/songwriters who also happen to be two of my closest friends, Josh Grider and Matt Skinner will be joining me on stage. For those of you who already live in the Big Bend, we hope that you’ll join us. For those of you who make your homes in other locations, we hope you’ll consider making the trip out to this beautiful area of the world to spend the evening with us.

I’ll be posting some more information about this as the time draws nearer, but if you have any questions about it now, feel free to shoot an email to and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

Enjoy your last helping of 2010– and get ready for a fresh start in 2011!


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