The Captain and the Highway (and eBay)

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

We shot and recorded this at Mount Vernon Studios in Lubbock, TX. The Captain and the Highway will be one of the songs on my upcoming album Fresh Water In The Salton Sea. It’s a good glimpse into where my songwriting has been heading lately… as well as what you can knock out in a few hours at a studio with some knowledgeable people behind the wheel. Enjoy!

ALSO, Josh Grider, he of disinterested percussionist cameo in the video will be auctioning off another eBay house concert (for Saturday, February 26th, 2011). If you’d like to bid on the chance to have us show up at a place of your choosing and play our songs and share the stories behind them with you and your closest friends and family members, you can bid on the auction here.


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    [...] Here’s a video of Drew Kennedy performing “The Captain and the Highway,” a song that’ll appear on his next album. [...]
  2. megan says:

    Hey Drew!!
    Wow,I love your new song ,amazing. hope to see you soon.

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