It looks like rain…

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

but I know better.

I’ll begin my update with the usual weather related banter, but this time I’ll give you two versions to use, depending on your geographical location:

1.) Boy, has it been dry, or what?

2.) Boy, has it been wet, or what?

If you live close to where I live, you’re probably going with #1.
If you live anywhere else in the United States, probably #2.

But enough of that– regardless of where you are, I hope that you are safe and comfortable.

Summer is almost here, and with it comes something new and exciting- touring.
Wait… that’s not new… or particularly exciting… but, well, it’s what I’m going to be doing.

The record is finished, and it sounds awesome.
The book is finished, and it looks, uh, I think it’s good… it looks like a book, so there’s that.

They’ll both be coming out in October… that’s a tentative date, so if you’re going to write all over your calendar proclaiming that month “The Month Of Drew” or “Fresh Water In The Salton Sea Weeks” I suggest you do it in pencil. For now.

Why so long of a wait?

Well, these things take time. I have to get everything all wrapped up together so that it falls into place at precisely the right moment. That’s hard enough with an album– add the book into the mix, and it’s even harder. So, you know, no rush.

I’m shooting for the old “absence of a new record makes the heart grow fonder” adage here, but I’m trying to make it all new-age by adding “and book” into it. No word on if it’ll be accepted by the people who officiate the acceptance of these kinds of sayings.

I’ve got quite the busy schedule lined up, and with the exception of my FIRST EVER NON WORKING VACATION SINCE MY HONEYMOON in the middle of June (no, I’m not excited in the least, why do you ask?) I’ll be hitting the road as I always do– non-stop and mostly on my own. There are a few band shows here and there– June 24th at River Road Ice House comes to mind– but mostly it’ll be just me out there beating down the miles.

In a couple of weeks Jason Eady and I will hit the road for a mini-tour that will take us up through New Mexico and into a little bit of Colorado before returning back to Texas– if you’ve made it all the way through cyberspace to this site, I think you probably can manage finding those dates if you are interested, so I won’t spell them out for you. Eady has a new record coming out sometime soon as well– I hear tell it’s pretty fantastic. Keep your ears out for that one as well.

OK, you all keep doing what you’ve been doing and I’ll quit bothering you.

OH, I have some holes in my calendar right now in July and August. They probably won’t be there for long, but if you’re interested in a private house concert, shoot an email to and we’ll work it out. I’d love to come and play some songs for you and your friends.

As always, thanks for supporting the hardworking troubadours of this land. We love you for it.

Alrighty then



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  1. Mark J. Carter says:

    October ! October ! Gee – thats kinda like telling a man whose drowning that you’ll be back in a few minutes with flotation device. – Dang.

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