300//\\365//\\300 (#2)

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

As I write this I’m sitting in row 10, seat D (that’s the aisle seat– shout out to all of my tall brothers and sisters- lack of leg room solidarity), about a quarter of the way from the front of a long skinny tube with wings being piloted through the sky, hopefully in the general direction of Nashville.

I am currently moving at a fairly tremendous rate of speed.

Oddly enough, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been moving at a tremendous rate of speed for the last 8 months or so.

I think it probably has something to do with being a relatively new father– how being reintroduced to the world via a set of much smaller, much more impressionable eyes changes the way you see everything. Or maybe it doesn’t change it– just resets it or something.

I wonder if that’s it? My perspective is on the move– moving downward, to a point that’s just starting to crawl above the floor.

And hey! Perfect vision! No glasses needed!

I’ve changed the way in which I interact with the world (happily, of course) but the world hasn’t really changed the way in which it interacts with me. Still have a job to do, still take the little flecks of inspiration the universe hands me and rhymes them. Still, for example, CONSTANTLY sitting in airplane seats that have an already-completed crossword puzzle in the seat back magazine in front of me.

Just looking around at the world and trying to imagine what it all looks like from the perspective of a tiny, shiny, brand new human.

It all moves so fast.

date: Tuesday, April 22nd
time: 9:06 am
place: up in the air
words: 271


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  1. Pete Kelly says:

    Hey Drew. What an amazing gift a child is. I’ve six (ages 16 years -2 years) and they are the most fun anyone can ever have. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If you need any friendly advice on the kids. I’m on your facebook. Ps It’s my youngest who sings “Stars In California” Pete

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