300//\\365//\\309 (#3)

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

There are few things in the world that can beat a song high.

This afternoon I finished a song I started a few months ago with my friend Adam James. It had been a really interesting idea, and interesting ideas usually find a way to hang around and pull at your sleeve until you finish them. I love it when something won’t let you give up on it. Today it tugged at our sleeves just hard enough that we gave it some attention, and before we knew it a song was born.

Yesterday I jumped into a write at the last minute with my friend Travis Meadows and his longtime friend Melissa Peirce. We talked for a while about anything and everything until an idea walked into the room. We shook its hand and then spent the next three hours writing it out. Job completed.

Two days in music city, two collective efforts not only realized, but realized with integrity at their hearts. They’re songs I’ll be proud to play for anyone– a suit on music row or a patron at my next show.

I love the dynamics of collaboration– how ideas bounce around, and how the air charges with the addition of a little electricity when a truly good line gets thrown out there.

And I love the collective effort of it all– when a couple of people band together to see a common goal through.

I’m lucky that I get to surround myself with talented people who write for the right reason. It’s not for the artist looking for hits, it’s not for the money in the bank– it’s simply for the fact that we’re writers, and if we’re going to identify ourselves as such, well, we’re damned sure going to do our best to do our best.

It’s the care in the craft, whether you’re alone or with comrades, that makes all of the difference in the world.

date: 4/24/14
time: 2:19 am
place: East Nashville, TN
words: 308 (still under 300 when averaged out against my other posts)


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  1. Pete Kelly says:

    Good morning Drew from Todmorden, England. Any way you could post a demo recording on YouTube??? Would love to hear your new material. Hope you have a good day in front of you. Pete

  2. Joe Swatzell says:

    I am so glad you do what you do. it makes my world a better place. We are back in Texas May 24th…but who’s counting?

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