300//\\365//\\300 (#11)

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Today I’m helping a brewery turn three years old.

A few friends of mine started brewing beer here in College Station, TX for fun. It turned out that they were pretty good at it, and before too long an idea was hatched. That idea is turning three, and it’s called New Republic Brewing Company. They keg their beers and operate a small bottling line and distribute their brew around town. Recently, they expanded their reach into the Houston market.

Their beer is classically good. It’s not flashy, and it’s not extravagant– no black IPA saison sours going on here. Just solid, reliable, carefully crafted beers. I’m currently drinking a nice double IPA– they call it Whipsaw.

I play in an hour. There are an impressive number of people here to take part in the festivities. Their attendance is a testament to something that applies to beer, songs, or just about anything else that is made, performed, and/or sold.

Work hard to make something as good as you possibly can and you’ll find your people. No tricks, no gimmicks, no flash. Just do what you love to do, and do it to the best of your ability.

That’s the secret to a lot of things in life.

time: 1:35 PM
date: Saturday, May 3rd
place: New Republic Brewing, College Station, TX
words: 208

300//\\365//\\300 is a writing exercise– 300 entries over 365 days, each no longer than 300 words (I’m not so hot at sticking to the last part).

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