300//\\365//\\300 (#18)

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Spam Email

Today I received an email from a person name Dijibar Digibar.

Mr. Digibar was very complementary in his greeting (it began Dear Kind One (!!)) before getting down to business: informing me that my last surviving relative had passed away in London. And I’m the sole heir! And if I could only send him my full name, address, social and routing numbers he would see that I get the money ($77 million pounds!).

Two things caught my eye in the letter (other than my newfound fortune and the greeting): his continued use of the word invented rather than the word invested, and the fact that his first and last name differed by only one letter.

So that got me thinking– is Digibar pronounced with a soft ‘g’ so that his first and last name sound the same? Is it a hard ‘g’ so that his first and last name look similar but sound different?

I thought about replying to Mr. Digibar to find out how he says it (my money’s on the soft ‘g’) but I ended up deleting it instead. Sorry, Dijibar (forgive the familiarity– would you prefer I stick to Mr. Digibar? No hard feelings either way).

I don’t read all of my spam email. Just that one. Probably because of the awesome name.

I wonder, though…

When I reach out to people via Facebook, twitter, or my own email list are my missives just a step below those of Mr. Digibar? Right on par with Mr. Digibar?

I want with all my heart for people to be excited that I have a show, or a new record, or an interesting project coming up… but aren’t these things just (albeit requested, since a follow or a sign-up is involved) advertisements?

I hope people get excited when they see my name pop up because they value what I do… but then again, $77 million pounds is a lot of money, and Dijibar Digibar is an interesting looking name. That’s some pretty stiff competition.

time: 3:58 PM
date: Tuesday, May 13th
place: home, New Braunfels, TX
words: 333 (sorry Hooper)

300//\\365//\\300 is a writing exercise– 300 entries over 365 days, each no longer than 300 words (I’m not so hot at sticking to the last part).


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