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Thursday, May 1st, 2014

A Desert Island Record

Thomas Mooney over at New Slang, a solid blog that focuses on the Lubbock music scene (there is much on which to focus, past and present) and occasionally the music world at large asked me to take part in a month-long experiment he is conducting. Every day for the entire month of May a musician is asked the same question, and his or her reply to that question is published on New Slang.

I was happy to take part– if there’s one thing I love to do it’s ramble on about essentially meaningless topics for hours on end. Seriously. Ask my friends.

So, today is May 1st, and this guy (I’m pointing at myself for those of you not currently able to see me) is the first one out of the gate.

The question is a hybrid of one of those ‘desert island’ questions. You know those– the “okay, so you’re stranded on a desert island forever– what are the ten records you want to be stranded with?” questions that were surely invented by some bartender somewhere hoping to sell a few more beers to his patrons, who had all decided to call it an early night, but who were now arguing over how someone could seriously even consider A Ghost Is Born when Being There is so much better… and drinking more beer while doing it.

Anyway, the question was “You’re playing a show in which you’re covering an album from beginning to end. What record do you choose to interpret?”.

I chose Todd Snider’s Happy To Be Here. It was a quick decision, but I’m sticking to it. One can not go wrong with a Todd Snider record. Read my reasoning HERE.

What record would you pick?

time: 3:22 PM
date: Thursday, May 1
place: home, New Braunfels, TX
words: 289


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  1. Larry hooper says:

    Slaid Cleaves – Broke Down

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