300//\\365//\\300 (#29)

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

I’ve been booking a bunch of shows in New Mexico and Colorado for August, and I’ve been enjoying the process quite a bit.

Booking is probably my least favorite aspect of the music business. I’ve been trying to find someone to take it over for me– someone that is experienced and hard working– but it hasn’t been an easy search. The people I want to work with don’t have time to work with someone as small as I am (no sour grapes here, that’s just the reality of the business), and since a large part of my income is based on my touring, I’m certainly not going to hand it over to someone without experience who won’t deliver the numbers I need to keep this thing afloat. So, I’ve been doing it myself for the better part of the last 6 or 7 years.

I think its the idea of cool Rocky Mountain nights in August that have me fired up about the trip. I love that part of the world so much and I don’t get up there nearly enough, so the prospect of all of those things have me ready to pack my bags and go.

…I think I’ll go daydream about the mountains instead of push this thing any farther…

time: 4:04 pm
date: Monday, June 2nd
place: home, New Braunfels, TX
words: 211

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