Sad Songs Happily Played Presale

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Hi there!

The release of my new live record Sad Songs Happily Played nears!

The official date is Tuesday, September 9th, but you can get a copy before that, of course. The digital stuff will be coming down the pipeline shortly, but I wanted to announce three separate bundles that are now available in the store

A $100 bundle, which will feature a high quality, matted, signed photograph that I’ve taken on my travels. Each photograph will be unique– no duplications. I’ll also mail you a post card from the road, and of course you’ll get a signed copy of the album about a week before the release date. There are only 50 of these bundles available.

A $25 bundle, which includes a handwritten postcard from the road and a signed copy of the album, which will ship about a week before the release date.

And, of course, the good old fashioned signed copy, plain and simple.

Oh, and you might want to know what songs are on this record, huh?

Aside from a ton of stories, you’ll be treated to live renditions of:

Good Carpentry
Stars in California
Age and Color
War With Myself
Things Change
Jackson Square
Love On The Highway
Sleeping Alone
Rose of Jericho
AM Radio
Vapor Trails
A Cold Goodnight
Venice Via Postcard
I’ve Got Some Leaving To Do
Here With Me
The Poet at 33
The Last Waltz

For more about how this album came into being check out this blog post.

I’m looking forward to sharing this collection of songs and stories with you!

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