At Home In The Big Lonesome – Song By Song – 3- Open Road

At Home In The Big Lonesome- Song By Song
3- Open Road
If you want to know what Far West Texas feels like to me, it’s this. For me, its sweet spot is the geographic region that runs from Sanderson to Van Horn east to west, and Fort Stockton to Presidio north to south. The first time I went out there I remember seeing a fully loaded freight train from front to back in its entirety. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and up to that point in my life it was something that I hadn’t seen– rare is the vantage point devoid of rolling hills or outright mountains or old growth forests that would allow for such a site. Anyway, it’s big out there. It’s beautiful and it’s wide open. It might as well be the moon compared to where I grew up. I tried to capture that feeling of expansiveness and its invitation to roam in this song. I was lucky enough to write it with my brother Josh Grider. A few weeks before the release of the record I set off with a crew of ten people, helmed by M. Andrew Barrera and Evan Hilliard to shoot a video for the song in the very place that inspired it. Andrew and Evan wanted to make sure we didn’t do a “Stars In California 2.0″– a move that would be pretty easy to default to, given the topography and scenery of our targeted area– so we crafted a story that hopefully told the tale of the region along with a journey of personal rediscovery. They presented the idea of using a strong female lead character, and given how male-centric much of my corner of the music business tends to be, I absolutely loved the idea. They asked Erin Steeby to be that lead, and she delivered with smiling grace. I’m as proud of the video as I am of the lyrics of this song, which I think are among the finest I’ve ever set to a melody.
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