At Home In The Big Lonesome- Song By Song- 2- Sing This Town To Sleep

At Home In The Big Lonesome- Song By Song
2- Sing This Town To Sleep
Burlington, VT— Valentines Day, 2014. I was on tour supporting the release of the Wide Listener album— so in other words, my incredible wife Holly not only believed in my record, but was ok with celebrating the big day several weeks ahead of time. It was a Tuesday or maybe a Wednesday. It was cold. When I play cool cities like Burlington I like to stay close to the venue I’m playing if it’s downtown. Usually hotels cost a ton, but you can get a room in a house through AirBnB on the cheap. I’m 6’4″, 220 lbs, so it’s not such an intimidating prospect for me. Anyway, after the show I was walking to the house where I had rented a room— guitar on my back, gear in both hands. It was a shockingly beautiful walk of maybe half of a mile. The entire town was asleep. Snow was lightly falling, and I could hear that amazing crunch of it under my feet. I turned the corner and began walking my final stretch home when I came across this house on the opposite side of the street. The first floor shades were up and the lights were on. Inside of what looked to be the living room I saw this couple singing to each other at the top of their lungs. It was so romantic, and such an innocently personal glimpse into a beautiful moment in two people’s lives. Of course they have no idea I was walking by, but the poetry of it stuck with me. I started outlining the song that night, and my buddy Matt Nolen and I wrote it a little while later in Nashville. I’m thankful that little glimmers of inspiration find me as often as they do, and I’m thankful that I have talented friends who can help me turn that inspiration into song.
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