At Home In The Big Lonesome- Song By Song- 4- 24 Hours In New York City

At Home In The Big Lonesome- Song By Song
4- 24 Hours In New York City
Like I said in my post about “Open Road”, I grew up in Pennsylvania. We were about 3 1/2 hours away from New York City so we took our fair share of youth group or class trips up there. I remember my seventh grade class trip to see Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on broadway— we ate at a Chinese place before the show, and just as my table was about to order one of my classmates said, “oh my god there’s Tupac.” I had no idea who Tupac Shakur was, but she didn’t want to walk up to him alone so I went with her. Sure enough it was him, and he was as sweet as someone could be to a couple of seventh grade kids from the middle of nowhere (one of whom had no idea who he was at the time). Anyway, when you take a trip to NYC at that age it’s a chaperoned affair— if anything weird happens a couple of adults can usually take care of it. It’s a safe way to experience something that is (in all of your life experience thus far) much bigger than anything you’re prepared to handle yourself. Well, imagine turning sixteen and getting your drivers license and then in a wonderful cosmic coincidence a girl– a girl that is way out of your league– just happens to tell you that she’s always wanted to see the Big Apple. And you’ve seen it. You of course tell her you can show it to her, and she jumps at the chance. (!!) So you go, because she doesn’t have to work her shift at Red Lobster until Sunday and it’s Friday night and did I mention she is way out of your league? By several miles? There are no chaperones. No one chases away the aggressive guy trying to sell you counterfeit Rolex’s in SoHo. The city is big and mean and you just… you just figure it out. This is all hypothetical, of course (hi mom and dad!). My brother Sean McConnell grew up in Boston and has a similarly themed hypothetical story from his formative years, and so when we got to talking about it the subject of the song we were about to write suddenly became pretty clear. And away we went, plunging headlong into a trove of memories sporting the beautiful patina of two decades-worth of nostalgic sweetness.
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