At Home In The Big Lonesome – Song By Song – 6 – Cream And Sugar

At Home In The Big Lonesome- Song By Song
6- Cream and Sugar

I’ve a lot of fun crafting a story behind this song, mostly at the expense of my friend and co-writer Davis Naish. He’s a good sport about it, which is great, but the truth of the matter is that Davis came to me with the hook and we worked backwards from there. In order for the song to land perfectly, we knew that we needed to land on “gonna need more cream and sugar”.

Rhyme scheme is a tricky thing sometimes, and by the time we got to the line that would precede “gonna need more cream and sugar” we realized that we had set ourselves up for a rhyme that needed to match the word “sugar.”

Off the top of your head, start thinking of words that rhyme with sugar.

Can’t use that one. That one either. Uh oh….

Two hours later we finally thought of the word “looker” and our hearts leapt with joy. Song saved!

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