“Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?” — Terry Pratchett We struggle. We live and breathe and learn and fight and write and sing and we struggle for our lives to be heard above the noise. We push forward even though we know the odds of […]

of a relatively unknown songwriter. Give or take, of course. The 48 hours, I mean. On Monday I’ll be winging it up to New York City for a show. The next day, I’ll be playing Gruene Hall. That’s a lot of travel for two shows. It’s pretty awesome, of course, that I get to do […]

I’ve been writing about our recent tour of Europe in several parts. This is the final installment. The Long Way Home Great adventures always seem to come with great costs, and with a day and a half left in our trip we were about to settle our debts. Payment would come in the form of […]