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  • 04/29/17 Drew Kennedy in Winnsboro , TX
    Time: 8:00pm
  • 04/30/17 Drew Kennedy in Fischer , TX
    The Blanco River Songwriters Festival
    Time: 4:00pm Address: Fischer Hall. w. Susan Gibson, Jimmy Davis, Bill Small, Walt Wilkins, Texas Renegade, and more!
  • 05/02/17 Drew Kennedy in Nashville , TN
    House Social Eatery
    Time: 8:00pm w. Anna Vaus, Hailey Whitters, and more
  • 05/07/17 Drew Kennedy in Luckenbach , TX
    Time: 1:00pm w. Walt Wilkins
  • 05/12/17 Drew Kennedy in Conroe , TX
  • 05/15/17 - 05/16/17 Drew Kennedy in Sacramento , CA
    Golf and Guitars
    Time: 8:00pm Scotty McCreery, Kristian Bush, Jack Ingram, Craig Campbell, Jason Michael Carroll, Tucker Beathard, Chris Lane, Love and Theft, The Statesboro Revue, Parmalee, Jenny Gill, Jamie Lin Wilson, Bucky Covington, Lila McCann, Kayla Ray, Erin Enderlin, Chris Roberts, Megan Conner, Jake Worthington, Jackie Lee, Brennen Leigh, and Noel McKay
  • 05/19/17 Drew Kennedy in Big Spring , TX
    The Train Car
    Time: 8:00pm
  • 05/20/17 Drew Kennedy in Gordon , TX
    Sundance Club at 7R Ranch
    Time: 8:00pm
  • 05/21/17 Drew Kennedy in New Braunfels , TX
    Gruene Hall
    Time: 12:00pm KNBT’s Americana Jam w. Josh Grider and many more
  • 06/03/17 Drew Kennedy in Austin , TX
    The Rock Garden
    Time: 8:00pm w. Walt Wilkins and Josh Grider
  • 06/04/17 Drew Kennedy in Fort Worth , TX
    Pearl Snap Kolaches
    Time: 11:00am early show! 11 AM start time– Pearl Snap Kolache’s Hangover Music Series
  • 06/08/17 - 06/10/17 Drew Kennedy in Red River , NM
    Red River Songwriters’ Summer Camp
    Time: 2:00pm an instructional three-day personal journey through song– from its inception to its completion (and everything in between) hosted by Susan Gibson, Walt Wilkins, Brandy Zdan, Kelley Mickwee, Josh Grider, and myself.
  • 06/15/17 Drew Kennedy in Fort Stockton , TX
    Annie Riggs Museum
    Time: 7:00pm
  • 06/16/17 Drew Kennedy in Marathon , TX
    The Gage Hotel
    Time: 7:00pm
  • 06/22/17 Drew Kennedy in EVERYWHERE
  • 06/23/17 Drew Kennedy in Godley , TX
    Del Norte Tacos
    Time: 8:00pm
  • 06/24/17 Drew Kennedy in Houston , TX
    Anderson Fair
    Time: 8:45pm
  • 08/03/17 Drew Kennedy in Corpus Christi , TX
    Brewster Street Icehouse
    Time: 9:00pm Admission: $15 / $20. supporting Sean McConnell Buy tickets
  • 08/04/17 Drew Kennedy in New Braunfels , TX
    Gruene Hall
    Time: 7:00pm Admission: $12. supporting Sean McConnell **tickets on sale 5/12
  • 08/06/17 Drew Kennedy in San Angelo , TX
    The House Of Fi Fi DuBois
    Time: 8:00pm supporting Sean McConnell
  • 08/09/17 Drew Kennedy in Lubbock , TX
    The Blue Light
    Time: 9:00pm Admission: $12. supporting Sean McConnell Buy tickets
  • 08/10/17 Drew Kennedy in Denton , TX
    Rockin Rodeo
    Time: 8:00pm Admission: $15 / $18. supporting Sean McConnell Buy tickets
  • 08/11/17 Drew Kennedy in College Station , TX
    Hurricane Harry’s
    Time: 8:00pm Admission: TBA. supporting Sean McConnell
  • 08/12/17 Drew Kennedy in Houston , TX
    The Heights Theater
    Time: 8:30pm Admission: $22 / $48. supporting Sean McConnell Buy tickets

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